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You are your images - and since we are very much an image led team, who believe strongly in the saying that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' - then we will naturally try very hard to tell the story that you want your customers to read, when we create the images for you to use.

So how much will it cost ?

When quoting a fee, the price we quote is based on what you need us to provide you with afterwards, for you to use.

The two main things that would therefore determine what the fee would be, are the number of images that you would want to use afterwards; as well as, how much you wanted to use those images afterwards.

Because this (example) Licence to use document is what we will be asking you to pay us for - after the images have been created - which I would then naturally sign to confirm what has been agreed to, for the amount of money you paid.

So as a result of this being the deal and/or what we will be asking you to pay us for afterwards, then naturally our goal beforehand will be to try and produce some images that you would not only want to use but would also want to use a lot too.

A win-win situation if we succeed.

Therefore to help us determine what exactly it is you are asking us to produce & then provide you with afterwards, we would therefore require the following information first, before we could quote a price:

1. The type of images - subject matter, style, look, etc.
2. Number of images - you need us to provide you with.
3. Location - where the images need to be created.
4. Media use - Brochures, Magazine ads, Posters, Worldwide web, etc.
5. Period of use - 1 year, 2 years, etc.
6. Territory of use - Ireland only, UK & Ireland, Europe, etc.

As it would be this information that the fee would be based on.

Please note: when quoting a fee, we will let you know what our Base Usage Rate is, as we use the AOP's recommended pricing system to help us determine what the fee would be.

So if have any other questions please feel free to ask or if you would like to move forward, then we look forward to telling the story that you would like to tell to your customers in the near future yes

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